Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fist City

It's official.  The squatters have been served with their eviction notice and will be forcibly removed from Sara's premesis no later than August 10.  Which is to say, a c-section has been scheduled for August 10.  Most doctors in Canada refuse to do c-sections unless there is some valid medical reason, and since getting two freeloaders out is a little more complicated than one, the expecting parents actually get to choose.  Sara and Chris had been quite torn about which way to go, but it seems that the positioning of the boy fetus would necessitate Sara's doctor giving her a good deep fisting and using a vacuum to get him out.  Decision made easy.

I have been tirelessly researching the risks and benefits of both caesarian sections and vaginal (eww) delivery, with the intention of offering some well-informed advice, which seems a little redundant now.  I don't plan on letting my efforts go to waste, so more on that another day.  I will say this:  you hear plenty of horror stories about people having emergency c-sections because things have gone horribly awry during the planned vaginal (eww)/natural birth.  You never hear stories about a doctor performing a caesarean and midway through the procedure announcing in a panic that it's not working and the demon will have to come out the old-fashioned way.

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